Jack Hannold

Jack Hannold sent along this link from fmqb.com, saying “It’s a tacit admission from Entercom, which is a member of the ‘HD Alliance,’ that AM is still more viable commercially than ‘HD’ multicasting on FM — even for a format aimed at a younger demo!” The post read as follows:

Entercom-Portland Modern Rock KNRK has announced the launch of “94/7too ‘NW Bands ONLY’” radio station broadcasting on 910 AM. 94/7too has been available on HD Radio and streaming on http://www.947.fm for the past three years. 94/7too is completely dedicated to the local music community. PD Mark Hamilton commented, “We launched 94/7too on HD and streaming at http://www.947.fm just over three years ago. I’m pretty sure when we go live at 910 on the am band this will be the only Radio Station in the WORLD dedicated to, and playing, local music ONLY that can be heard on a terrestrial signal, HD and on the internet!  Not to mention, we will soon be announcing details concerning 94/7too going MOBILE — completing its availability on every delivery system possible!”

Entercom-Portland GM Erin Hubert stated, “I’m particularly thrilled to be launching 94/7too on a terrestrial radio station and to serve up the only local music based station in Oregon. Now in addition to 94/7too’s HD signal and listening to 94/7too on the internet, fans of new music who want to support local artists have another, more mainstream way to listen to this very special station. It harkens back to the early days of underground FM radio when risks were taken and great new music genres were exposed.”

Jack also remarked that a story the same day about Ford offering an HD radio as an option as “just a dog-bites-man story.  What else would an Iniquity shareholder do?”


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