Listeners Rule (Britannia)

You gotta love the Brits and their civilized way of doing things — even down to the Parliament and the haranguing that goes on there. As this post illustrates, radio stations don’t just flop around to the next format du jour. Format changes have to be approved. Interesting enough, this particular change request was the opposite of most changes made here:

Oxford FM 107.9, which broadcasts a music-heavy schedule aimed at 15 to 29-year-olds in Oxfordshire, is keen on shifting to an easy listening soft music service aimed at a 45-plus audience.

Ofcom, which agreed to consider PRO’s request on 16 June, subsequently launched a public consultation on the proposal. It received 91 responses against the change and only 5 in favour of it.

Sorry, old sock. It can’t be done. Wouldst that PDs here were as concerned with listeners as they are with counting beans. “Public consultation”? Why, that’s like taking a dump in the queen’s punch bowl.


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