In a recent post, Jerry Del Colliano of Inside Music Media makes some salient points about what radio should be doing, rather than what it is doing in many cases:

Not voice tracking. That’s a poor person’s iPod programmed by someone in corporate radio. Yet radio CEOs keep opting for cost cutting measures like voice tracking and it is hard to find a radio group these days that doesn’t use voice tracking at sometime in their broadcast week. Don’t do it, is my advice, or say hello to the one-minute listener “occasions” in a few years from now.

And this is exactly what WUMB in Boston is doing, having replaced local hero Barnes Newbury with someone’s idea of what’s fashionable these days.

Put personalities back on the air. You can see some personalities getting hired back by radio groups that are concerned with the vanilla programming that obviously isn’t very compelling. Personalities who keep up a tempo that cooperates with increasing short attention spans are probably the best defense against wandering listeners.

KUT in Austin sliced and diced the hours of Paul Ray, Larry Monroe, and John Aielli, forcing their “retirements” then re-signing them as part-timers without benefits — and then with utmost hubris cynically branding them as “legends” leading up to the next pledge drive.

More variety. The reasons my students told me they rarely listen to an iTunes song on their iPod all the way through is because they’ve heard it so many times and are tired of it. Hint. Clue. Music discovery helps keep their attention.

Triple-A tripe: Need we say more? This is radio’s savior?


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