Radio Engineer Humor

Bob Savage posted this bit of humor on the discussion boards:

Congratulations to HD Radio for having graduated to the elephant’s graveyard of iffy, restocked and refurb’ed consumer products — the “Heartland” catalog (by mail and online), which features the iLuv HD table radio on page 30 of the latest issue.

Heartland is a great source for stuff like bulk AAA & AA batteries and drill bit sets. But they also hock knockoff clothing and cheesy “designer” watches, “re-man” restocked items like vacuums, food processors and radar detectors, and outright hooey like some doodad called a “Fuel Doctor,” which you plug into your car cigarette lighter and which is claimed to improve gas mileage 25% — JUST LIKE THAT!

The iLuv, interestingly described as a “Hybrid Digital” radio, is offered at $79.00, but that includes a $20 mail-in rebate — claimed MSR is $129.99 (sure). Today’s HD talking point of “no monthly fees,” which limply tries to assail the success of satellite radio, is dutifully parroted by the ad copy. Also possibly significant is the absence of the usual Heartland “may have cosmetic blemishes or style variations,” suggesting the iLuvs are not “re-mans” or refurbs but new stock.

Unsolicitied advice to Heartland: stick with batteries and Chinese power tools. A C-note for a plastic HD Radio?  Rotsa Ruck.

To which OKCRadioGuy responds:

Hey, at least the “Fuel Doctor” most likely doesn’t make the car stutter around and drop out or require restarting every so often just because the device locks up.


One Response

  1. “HD on QVC — Lipstick on a (Roast) Pig”

    “Hope QVC has better luck than Radio Shack, Best Buy and Wal-Mart selling these empty radios. Hey, whatever happened to that hype?… Maybe QVC viewers can buy George Foreman’s grill along with their HD radios so that they can cook this pig because there are going to be a lot of unhappy customers out there once they plug it in… This roast pig is getting me sick to my stomach.”

    “Half Dead Radio”

    “My guess is that those few viewers you may get during your HD Radio snake oil sales hour will be waiting for your pitch to end and Joan Rivers’ artificial overpriced baubles sale to begin. Peter, the phone didn’t ring. It must be all the American people interested in HD Radio. What’s the pitch? HD Radio is just like HD TV without the picture?”

    Craig, I guess that you weren’t around for the QVC fiasco, but rumor was that QVC had no plans to ever invite the HD Radio clowns back — LMAO!

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