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The story on the site allaccess.com is not newsworthy for its content — reporting that Apple will jump all over HD radio (“Is Apple About to Embrace HD”) — as it’s been debunked thoroughly in the blogosphere. What’s interesting there is the firestorm in the comments section, and what it represents. Therein you’ll find Greg Smith of hdradiofarce.com working to counter the flood of disinformation spread by iBiquity, Clear Channel et al., hardware manufacturers, and, yes, NPR. For the longest time, Greg and a group of radio engineers and others have sought to spread the truth about HD radio and the nature of the scam. And they’ve done so all the while withstanding ham-handed attacks on their persons — witness the comments section here.

As a pair of them said:

Attaboy Digital Radio Scams…. Posting articles from TWO YEARS AGO doesn’t help you at all. 😉

That’s okay, he’s been posting the same article for the past two years anyway. I think it’s the same clown who runs that anti-HD Radio blog. He’s been spamming blogs and boards for the past five years with this crap. I’ve dealt with him back and forth via email and whatnot, and the guy is an absolute miserable jerk. I say whatever he advocates, do the opposite!

Nice argument, guys. Don’t let facts get in your way. Further ad hominem attacks ensue . . . But such is the nature of being that lone protester — particularly when faced with the marketing power of such giants and, needless to say, their flunkies. Those who attack the person, not the ideas. After all is said in done, it’s about the money. Who ultimately is “paying” for these attacks, in one form or another? Whose ox is being gored? What’s in it for them? Who do these guys work for, themselves?

Greg is one of the stalwarts who’ve been trying to spread the truth in a world of HD radio bunko. Just like those protesters looking to highlight the seismic changes at their local “public” radio stations. The first step is getting the information out to, for instance, listeners to that station — often in the face of the smiling GMs with their “we all know change is hard” platitudes. Then there are the snide commenters, sneaking behind web anonymity to spew forth . . . what argument? What reasoned discourse?

Back to “public” radio: The average listeners may not think about it right away — until they tune in one day and say to themselves, aghast, “What is that crap they’re playing?” Only then does it sink home that things have changed, as some people have been saying, and perhaps not for the better. And only then do they change their behavior, perhaps tuning to new stations or giving up the semiannual donation to a station they can no longer support. After all, they’d heard that the station has been screwing up. Now they’re feeling for themselves what the change entails. Thus, the ocean liner begins to alter course, slowly.

So shine on, Greg and fellow “miserable jerks.” You’re attracting attention through your persistence — not all good, most assuredly — and in that attention making converts, slowly but surely. Remember that one of the basic tenets of old-school journalism, perhaps lost in the exigencies of our time, is that “truth will out in the free marketplace of ideas.” Their “truths” are not self-evident, no matter how much vitriol and invective they attach to them, nor how much vigor and volume they use to broadcast them. And the marketplace is not free, by any means. The web does support your form of guerrilla journalism, however, and in that you have your weapon. To paraphrase a famous general, the situation is perilous, we’re surrounded, out-manned, and out-gunned. We must attack.


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  1. Thanks, Craig! Your support and KPPR site are much appreciated. I get some very interesting referrals from your site, so I know it is making a difference. I am very excited about KPPR.

    I started posting on RI around 2005/2006, after running into an iNiquity article concerning nighttime AM-HD interference between WOR and WLW. I knew nothing of IBOC before then, but WLW was my favorite station. I started hdradiofarce about three years ago, and it became quite the past-time, with posting about 7,000 backlinks over three years.

    The deeper one digs into this scam, the more fascinating it becomes – it’s almost addictive. I still can’t believe that iNiquity is getting away with this, without some sort of Federal Investigation. It certainly takes leather balls to ignore all of the personal attacks, something that comes over time. I really don’t comment nearly as much anymore, with the Web already trashed with comments and backlinks, but serious rumors, started by the likes of Apple Insider, definitely need to be squashed. It’s humorous to see these iNiquity-types lash out with the same personal attacks, over and over again.

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