CPB Under Fire

According to this post on the Colorado Independent website, Republican congressman Doug Lamborn has introduced legislation to cut funding for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting after 2012. Says Lamborn:

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting may produce worthwhile content,” Lamborn said in a release. “That is not the issue. The issue is that we cannot subsidize organizations that can stand on their own two feet in the day of trillion dollar deficits.

Our issue with the CPB entails their subsidization of a substandard, monopoly-licensed HD radio through tens of millions of dollars of grants to local stations to start up transmission (which is only the beginning of the cost), which in turn leads to belt-tightening on the local level that costs locales jobs and local content. This is the usual attack by conservative opponents of public broadcasting, which led to at least one acerbic counterattack:

Keep your godamned busy body hands off our PBS jackass. I love republican crocks like Lamborn. They make a lot of patriotic noise and do a lot of militaristic posturing and none have ever served a day in the US military, Lamborn included. Most of these repub cockroaches dodged the draft during Viet Nam but supported the Viet Nam War. Tancredo, Beauprez, Allard, and Cheney to name a few. What was Lamborn doing?

You smell Mr. Lamborn and your stench reaks of rotten hypocrisy. Go to hell.


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