KUT Deejay Larry Monroe

KUT jock Larry Monroe, one of three deejays downsized into near oblivion by the peabrained maneuver of management in Austin last year, is soon retiring entirely from the airwaves. But you can catch some of the magic he brought to the airwaves on his website, here, where he’s posting “Video Sets” for your enjoyment. They show what made Phil Music a much-loved tradition. You can also friend up with the man at his Facebook page, here, if you’re in to socializing, and join the thousands who already have. The link to Larry’s site is now on the right.

One interesting development at KUT: One of the AAA deejays (the lower-priced spread) brought in when the veterans’ hours were slashed to preclude paying health benefits, is seeing his hours cut back now. An hour-long canned show is cutting into his time slot, as management takes baby steps towards its perceived ultimate goal: canned music, playin’ on the radio. After creating such a massive furor last summer with its ham-handed moves, KUT management has to carefully, slowly make its moves else the “community-supported” station lose all listener support. The bean counters had to extend the spring fund drive to meet goals — an unheard-of development — and had to lean heavily on the largesse of its elite “Leadership Circle” members. Noblesse oblige, indeed.


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