The Corporate Mentality

Jerry Del Colliano of Inside Music Media, who’s on board with the iPad and new iPhone, has this bit of advice for radio:

[S]it down with your programmers and marketers and promotion-minded salespeople and come up with one thing that is truly earth shattering that your station can announce. Odd isn’t it, Apple can do this every few months but you can’t name the last time the radio industry ever took away someone’s breath with something new and compelling.

While listeners are spending more and more time on mobile devices, radio stands dormant cutting personalities, voice tracking “corporate” music playlists and robbing the local community of its identity.

What he’s said, again and again, can be boiled down in a few of his points:

Local NPR stations — strapped for cash and relying on national programming because local programming costs so much – are in a pickle. Local and radio go together in the same sentence but as listeners migrate to their digital devices and rely on mobile Internet delivery, this leaves NPR affiliates (in fact, all local stations) vulnerable.

While Schiller [NPR boss Vivian, who got the headlines predicting “Internet-equipped cars,” see post here] is being indelicate about how NPR programming is delivered, she is by and large correct. Look around and see how the world is living. Not even a recession can keep consumers from buying mobile phones and devices. They obviously have voted for content on the go.


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  2. Great post & good points ! The statement “local and radio go together in the same sentence” is especially well taken. So much of the problems with radio is the loss of focus on local scenes and issues. And it’s not just with public stations. Here in Austin local commercial station KGSR was once a leader in the industry with its emphasis on local artists. But after the retirement of program manager Jody Denberg the station started phasing in more middle of the road national artists chasing that elusive younger demographic. The result has been less than stellar — longtime fans of the station are up in arms over the changes while that younger generation continues to get their entertainment from mobile devices and itunes. We can hope for earth shattering announcements from station managers but heading to the middle of the road is about as radical as the current crop gets.

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