Scrapping the Limey HD

There’s a battle brewing in the UK. Jack Hannold sends along word of a scheme in Britain that asks people to trade in their AM/FM radios for DAB radios (Europe’s superior, yet still flawed, brand of HD radio), in a plan called “scrappage.” Here’s what was posted on

The UK’s “Radio amnesty” digital receiver trade-in plan is called “a shabby little campaign” by one commercial broadcaster.
William Rogers-run UKRD owns 15 stations, and they won’t be participating in the “scrappage” plan or running the spots produced by the BBC and most of the UK’s commercial operators. Rogers is quoted in the Radio Today publication saying the plan is “misleading” and “the closest thing to a con.” His objection? The DAB receiver that the consumer will be trading their analog radio in for “may not be able to pick up a DAB signal at all, and if it can, it may be a signal which may be wholly inadequate.” He says “the very station that the listener may have heard the advertisement on may not be on DAB or even have a DAB future.” The UK’s supposedly headed toward a mandatory switchover from analog to DAB in 2015 – though that deadline’s controversial.

There are more quotes from Rogers as well as some pithy comments posted here. Among the comments:

DAB is a real pain in the butt, but for some reason, the BBC and other commercial investors seem hell bent on fooling the public that DAB is what they want, clearly this is not the case as if it were then sales of DAB, or should that be BAD, radios would have sold in their millions by now and such a stupid scrappage scheme would not be needed.

DAB is already obsolete as far as I’m concerned. It uses MPEG-2 for gods sake! I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of the public will go from FM directly to Internet Radio, which is already a higher quality than DAB. Ofcom should have invested the DAB spectrum in to mobile broadband services instead of wasting their time on DAB.


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  1. iBiquity says, now that we have broken your old analog radios with IBOC hash, come trade them in on Ebay:


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