I Am ‘Tron

Stewart Vanderwilt, the GM of Austin’s KUT radio, once waxed poetic to potential donors in a letter: “KUT is . . . a community for music lovers. From adult rock to folk, from blues to world music, KUT seeks out music that isn’t promoted, packaged, or hyped. Music you wouldn’t find without us. . . .” Times have indeed changed, and now his subaltern, Hawk Mendenhall, uses figures from Arbitron to justify morphing the station into AAA, laying off employees and installing playlists. KUT is now all about maximizing market share, turning to what’s hot nationwide and being played everywhere, what’s on the charts, what “advertisers” will pay to support. The station is no longer “listener supported,” after all, but “community supported.”

So what exactly is this company Arbitron? This recent analysis of Arbitron is notably underwhelmed by its prospects:

Arbitron Inc. is a low quality company with a negative outlook. Arbitron Inc. has weak business growth and is run by inefficient management. When compared to its closest peer, COMSCORE, Inc., Arbitron Inc. shows greater overvaluation and is equally likely to underperform the market.


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  1. “Study: Consumers want HD Radio in mobile devices”

    “iBiquity Digital unveiled the results of a recent comScore study that validates consumer demand and willingness to pay a premium for HD Radio Technology as a handset feature. 68% of consumers surveyed are interested or extremely interested in mobile phones that include HD Radio Technology. 75% of those who own a mobile phone would listen to HD Radio broadcasts via their mobile phone. $42 is the value premium consumers attribute to HD Radio Technology in mobile phones.”


    Must say that I am not too impressed with comScore, either — Struble claimed they did that study, but it’s MIA on comScore’s site:



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