Stop Making Sense: Inside Music Media

In Jerry Del Colliano’s well-respected blog Inside Music Media, he posted these tidbits on what it would take radio to recover in a piece entitled “Armageddon or Radio’s Promised Land”:

I know I am preaching to the converted here, but let’s just preview what radio can and should do to avoid going down with the ship:

Bolster local, terrestrial radio. Not voice-tracking or cheap syndicated schemes. Hire personalities. Do local commercials. Please fans. We know how to do this so let’s do it now. Terrestrial radio can be a large chunk of free cash flow that will fund the necessary transition to digital platforms so this is no time to fire talent, do repeater radio and drive willing listeners prematurely away from the mothership [emphasis added]. . . .

Build local interactive hubs around the cities where you have existing stations. Then, get ready to go into markets where you do not have clusters. All of these interactive hubs should be autonomous and local.

Read the words “autonomous and local” without anything in your mouth this time so you don’t choke on it. . . .

Talk radio is aging – there is a way for radio to lead the next “talk” revolution that isn’t built around politics, three or four hour shows or even listener call in. The next generation gets its talk radio on by interacting in social media. Hell, you do it when you go to a Radio-Info message board. Radio companies should build it and they will come.

Brainstorm for the iPad – that is the entertainment device of at least the next ten years. Everything you do should be optimized for iPad and by that I do not mean offering apps to access existing content. In the future, if you can find 10,000 people who will pay $25 a year to hear a jazz expert do a one-hour jazz show each day, then you have generated $250,000 a year in subscriptions alone. As you know I am working on the pay model with a bright developer and I believe pay is the way.


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