No Confidence

Jack Hannold sent along this link to a story on from Tom Taylor that seems to give an industry vote of no confidence on HD radio. Entitled “An ‘advanced’ song-tagging and ad-tagging system with Broadcast Electronics – to work with analog FM,” it speaks of a device added to analog radio that was once featured only on HD:

[Emmis CEO] Jeff Smulyan chooses the BIA/Kelsey conference as the platform to announce he’s been working with BE, and with Apple/iTunes, on a new technology that brings song-tagging and e-commerce to analog FM – not just HD Radio. For starters, it would offer music purchasing. The next-gen version would feature couponing and other marketing opportunities for advertisers, all using a standard FM radio. Jeff’s excited, and sees it as another technological area where Emmis has provided leadership. (At a long-ago San Francisco NAB Radio Show, Emmis and some partners pitched the LMIV, or Local Market Internet Venture, so that broadcasters could control their own online destiny.)

Is that the sound of the first rats tiptoeing off the sinking ship?


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