Boston Beans

The new format at ‘GBH seems to be worth a hill of beans . . . The small amount of NPR News listeners who switched from WBUR to WGBH during WBUR’s March fundraiser to avoid the pledging appear to have switched back to WBUR. The new format doesn’t seem to be doing WGBH much good (see numbers here). WBUR is back up to their pre-fundraiser 4.5 share, and WGBH ticked back down to 1.0. WCRB continues to tick down in rating share, but their cume numbers are up slightly. (They finally got around to updating the owner listing for WCRB to WGBH Educational Foundation.)

WUMB is still holding near the low end at 0.3, though their cume numbers are also up a little bit. Further breakdowns were not available to see what happens to Saturday mornings without Barnes Newbury. A few years ago Barnes was pulling a 0.6 for his shift while the rest of the station was averaging 0.3 for the week. (Read former listeners’ reactions to the station’s euphemistic “Barnes Newberry has decided to leave” in an unrelated Boston Globe article).


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