Radio Wars

Radio’s woes continue in both commercial and non-commercial stations. A story reports that in Kansas, state government is fixin’ to slice the budget:

In a last-minute amendment to the state’s budget, Kansas lawmakers plan to slice $903,161, half of the overall outlay for public broadcasting stations in the state. The Kansas City Star reports the cuts will be in both public radio and TV. The budget would cut $120,000 from the budget of High Plains Public Radio, which the newspaper claims could mean “the loss of several radio shows and perhaps two out of 10 staff members.” Public TV stations in the state could be hit even harder. If the budget is passed and signed into law by Gov. Mark Parkinson, the cuts would take effect July 1.

And Greg Smith reports that WUIS is drinking the Kool-Aid now, as the University of Illinois at Springfield is planning on setting up three HD channels. Here station manager Bill Wheelhouse talks about the move and the “integrity” of public radio, and how commercial radio has lost that integrity, consolidating and getting rid of news people. We’ll see how the changes to their budget works out for them.

Meanwhile, Toronto listeners are up in arms about the loss of four on-air personalities, to the extent that there’s now a 1700-strong Facebook site.


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