Music to the Ears?

You wanna hear how wonderful HD radio is on an AM station? This site on YouTube shows an HD radio cutting in and out, complete with static — as well as commentary from a number of folks. This shows why stations are backing away from it in droves. A couple of the not-so-complimentary comments:

The last time I tried an “HD Radio” receiver was in 2007, and nothing has improved since then. Even on the best FM signals, the digital audio is still harsh and metallic, the digital reception is still very flakey, and radio stations still have problems synchronizing their analog and digital audio. So despite all the hype, “HD Radio” just isn’t worth the money, and analog AM/FM radio still works and sounds better!

IBiquity was nothing but a big black hole that radio dumped millions of dollars into that could have been spent on improving programming. The technology sucks!

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  1. Evidentially, politics dictated that AM-HD be implemented, despite failed AM-HD tests that were run years earlier. Especially at night, IBOC hash demolishes adjacent-channel stations, hundreds of miles away. There has never been any FCC action against any IBOC interferers. iBiquity is trying to force AM radio to local-mode, destroying skywave reception, which nighttime AM radio is famous for. Of course, rural America suffers the most, as many depend on AM skywave reception – this is especially important for emergency alerts. On my site, there are more Youtube examples of this worthless, destructive technology.

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