It Can Happen Here featured a piece with some interesting observations about revitalizing radio:

Programming was once about original thinking, personality, and fun; not slogans substituting for substance. It’s nearly impossible to create under florescent lighting in meeting rooms at 8 in the morning. By streamlining air staffs and eliminating the “difficult but creative” types, the product has suffered. In order to transform the existing programming pabulum from complacency to entertainment, reintroducing parts of the original creative process would go a long way towards revitalization. The past is the present and future….

The answer for old media to flourish again is easy: let go of the control and retool the model. Many owners, vice presidents, and general managers are under the delusion that all radio people are created equal. Therefore, working down to a price and not up to a standard has become the norm. Only innovation and vision can re-invent the radio industry.

These are not visions of dollar signs, which the business types in charge of much of public radio see as innovation. HD radio is not a new revenue stream; it’s a black hole of debt. The problem in many stations is management that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. What’s the difference between these managers and yogurt? Yogurt has a live culture…


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