Talk Talk

It should not be surprising that more people would support the “talk” format on the WUFT-FM fund raiser. High culture of any sort has never been a majority value. That is why NPR featured classical, jazz and other non-commercial music. It was first supported by lovers of the arts, music, literature, and all things  that elevate of the mind, heart and spirit.

NPR resulted from the Public Broadcast Act of 1967, to provide news/information and cultural programming. Its first program was in 1971, Morning Edition, where even the interludes were classical — school music. Somewhere in the NPR charter are the words, “under-served population.” This is where classical and non-commercial music reside. Somewhere, I learned that the strength of a great nation is in how well it treats the least among them. Now, we laud the most, the largest, the dominant.

Citizens are to commended for wanting more than the noise of commercial radio, network and cable. Not much of excellent quality has been heard on commercial radio during the past 25–30 years. A nation with no respect and place for the arts in the public arena is a deprived nation. Societies that deny the best of their culture fail.

Gwendoline Y. Fortune, Ed. D.


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