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Jim Radio sends this along, he says, as further evidence of the mainstreaming of National Profit Radio . . .

Thanks for your note regarding our decision to cancel ALTERNATIVE RADIO. We made the decision to use the Sunday evening time slot to showcase a wide variety of special public radio programs and documentaries including THE MOTH, RADIO LAB and others that are inĀ development. While I know you may not agree, we were frequently criticized for airing ALTERNATIVE RADIO as it was seen as an ultra liberal/progressive program that provided no balance in the public radio journalistic traditions.
Dave Edwards
Director / General Manager
111 E. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 700
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Subject: Alternative Radio
I am very, very disappointed that Milwaukee Public Radio has dropped “Alternative Radio.” AR was one of the VERY few programs aired in Milwaukee that asked fundamental questions about the nature of our society’s political, economic, and environmental problems.
Rick Kissell

Locals of the liberal persuasion are none too happy, witness the comments on the website of the local paper.


One Response

  1. I did read those comments, and they’re all over the map. I think it’s disingenuous that you imply they’re all up in arms over Alternative Radio or anti-talk. I caught comments approving of talk, of AAA (My Morning Jacket), of classical and jazz. Very few seemed too upset about anything.

    Also, it’s like 12 comments, and one comically loves XM radio. You cite newspaper comments as some kind of indication of the public’s opinion, but that’s absurd. It’s just 12 people on a newspaper website.

    I’m not unsympathetic to your cause and I find a lot of value on this blog (your work on the HD radio scam is enlightening), but I would appreciate more evidence that there’s an audience for these local gems you continually exalt, it seems by simple default of their property “local”. The programs they replaced Alternative Radio with, which sounds like a political talk show, are two examples of the best national public media has to offer (Radiolab in particular)–programs that aren’t grist for the political mill like On Point or even the sacred Diane Rehm or ToTN.

    I do believe that local is the way to go forward when it comes to radio being relevant in the future, but I don’t think you’re making your case for returning to the local radio of the past, especially jazz and classical programs, and maybe even music in general.

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