WUMB and Dumber

They’re taking a beating in Boston. What started as a puffy little piece about a new WUMB deejay turns into a barroom brawl in the comments section, as posters beat the UMass station head soundly about the head and neck. Sometimes words speak louder than actions . . . Read it here.

Jeff’s comment: The community comments are the very first I have read in a public forum. They prove how one person can drink the NPR Kool-Aid and drive a good station down.


One Response

  1. I’ve been listening to WUMB for all my 15 years in New England. The sound of Barnes’ voice and the classic music of HW61 were inspired reasons to wake up early on Saturday mornings. I am sorry the caliber of programming has taken a nosedive with Barnes’ departure. The man is a Regional Treasure! I hope to find him soon on some other radio station.

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