From Jim Radio

Another one bites the dust (Duquesne U wants out) . . . Funny how the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is so concerned about taxpayer dollars here, but spends like a drunken sailor when it comes to HD radio.

Two new bids to buy WDUQ are expected to be made this week, bringing the total number of bidders to four, according to Duquesne University spokeswoman Bridget Fare. One of the bidders, Pittsburgh Public Media, made a bid last month, but was rejected by the University, said WDUQ general manager Scott Hanley. The reasons for the rejection were not disclosed.

The University will not disclose the name of the fourth bidder, Fare said.

Pittsburgh Public Media is a non-profit group established Jan. 14 to purchase WDUQ’s license to keep the station operating. The organization is partially staffed by WDUQ employees. The University estimates the value of WDUQ between $8 million and $10 million.

According to an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting told the University that it would have to pay $7 million in federal funding if WDUQ is sold to a buyer who does not keep the station public.

The Trib reported that Dougherty said he would sell the station to whomever gave Duquesne the best offer, regardless of whether the buyer was going to keep the station public or not. The University decided last fall to sell WDUQ and began entertaining offers for the station earlier this month. Since announcing the decision in January, some faculty and students have expressed disapproval. The Faculty Senate said it believed the administration was not open enough to the campus in their decision to sell the station.


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