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Sometimes it can be fun to play with numbers: a Google Trends chart comparing searches on various forms of digital radio does not portend well for iBiquity. Then again, seeing has how the company is being kept alive primarily by sporadic venture capital infusions — 10 years into its corporate history — does not portend well, either.

This history of subsidization he refers to begins as follows. The bankrolling now, of course, is courtesy of the American taxpayer, through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and individual donors to local public radio affiliates . . .

By the early 1990s, the digital revolution was firmly underway, as embodied initially by the success of the compact disc. Understanding the need for radio to keep pace with this rapidly evolving landscape, CBS, Gannett, and Westinghouse formed USA Digital Radio Partners), in 1991 to explore opportunities for digital AM and FM radio. Following several years of testing and development, the In-Band On-Channel (IBOC) method of broadcasting was completed to enable digital signals to travel the airwaves alongside traditional analog signals. IBOC remains the underlying principle behind today’s HD Radio technology. By 1998, with backing from 15 of the nation’s leading broadcast groups, USADR was spun out as a separate company. Two years later, USADR secured $40 million in additional funding from strategic partners and venture capital firms. The company eventually merged with Lucent Digital Radio in 2000, forming iBiquity Digital Corporation.


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  1. If one plugs Pandora into the graph, it is clear that the trends for music-radio are these “personalized” music services, to include, Slacker and

    But, the BIG question remains how Struble continues to involve large corporations, such as, Ford, Sprint/Nextel, comScore, BMW, Volvo, Audi, etc. Any CEO that did his homework and had any common sense wouldn’t involve their companies in iBiquity’s dealings. I think that the driving force in all of this is a potential IPO for iBiquity, as equity options could be handed out to these other CEO’s. I wonder, if that would even be legal? Struble may walk with millions, leaving OUR analog airwaves in ruins. This would be an excellent topic to research and post. John Anderson (DIYMedia) already posted about this subject:

    “Robert Struble Channels Lee DeForest”

    “iBiquity’s President and CEO, Robert Struble, has taken to tweeting. In early September, he revealed he’d taken the train to Wall Street to float the notion of taking iBiquity public: ‘Good NYC trip. Wall St way more upbeat than recently. IPO pipeline better, but most think [stock market] rally was too fast’… In the early 20th century, Lee DeForest, inventor of the audion tube spent a portion of his early career engaged with unscrupulous businessmen in the practice of ‘pumping and dumping’ stock in radio companies featuring his invention… One might say the same about Bob Struble and iBiquity. Given the wobbly future of the HD Radio protocol, it is not far-fetched to see a historical parallel between Struble and DeForest.”


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