Foundering in Florida

In Florida, the tide may be turning, according to an article on the Gainesville Sun web page. A petition drive protesting the new format at WUFT sports 2,600 signatures now, and pledges dropped by 37 percent after the change. The article noted:

Last spring, General Manager Larry Dankner announced in the Gainesville Sun that WUFT-FM had found a “way to meet the wants of our community and provide a cutting-edge educational experience for our students while remaining fiscally responsible.” He explained that the new talk programs, which are far less expensive when run on HD, can be run on the HD2 stream, while the mixed Classic 89 format, with its inexpensive music programming and news/talk, should remain on the main (analog) station. In this way, Dankner explained, the station would save over $145,000

Astonishingly, a few months later, the decision was made to take the very route that Dankner had so sensibly avoided — the talk programs were moved to the main (analog) station. The costs of programming have, as predicted, skyrocketed.

The author, Sue Yelton, proposed turning it around:

An excellent solution would be to move the all-talk format back to HD2, while reinstating a news/music mix to the high-powered analog station. With community input, a decision could be made whether or not to add one or two of the most desired new talk shows to the mixed format.


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  1. Now, just think if NPR listeners started doing this en-masse in protest of the HD Radio scam.

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