California Dreamin’

Capital Public Radio, four stations covering Sacramento as well as Reno, is drinking the Kool-Aid now too. Changes include many if the same we’ve seen elsewhere, involving local news and a “re-tooling” of music programs.

The goal is to unify our news and talk programming to set the stage for future growth,” Joe Barr, director of news and information programming, wrote, in an e-mail. “CPR’s newly approved strategic plan makes it clear that news and information is the future of the organization [emphasis added].

There are many reasons for it, but the unfortunate fact is that the audience for the station can no longer sustain the business of the station. In that way, we’re no different from a retail business that doesn’t have enough customers to keep the doors open.


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  1. Guilty. Totally. The quote is from a commercial station GM, but the 9 percent increase is for CPR . . .

    But nice to see that public radio is watching. Tom Thomas works for SRG, the Station Resource Group, which the website describes as “an alliance of 45 public radio broadcasters. SRG members operate some 168 stations and produce the majority of public radio’s national programming. They are a diverse constituency of forward-looking stations, including . . . [m]any of the system’s largest operations, such as Minnesota Public Radio, WNYC, and Wisconsin Public Radio. . . .

    “SRG is led by Tom Thomas and Terry Clifford. These public radio veterans have taken a leading role in many of public radio’s major research, planning, and policy initiatives, including Audience 88, the Public Radio Expansion Task Force, major issue and policy reviews at CPB, FCC rule makings, and public broadcasting legislation.”

  2. You have totally garbled tis story. The quote that “the audience for the station can no longer sustain the business of the station” is not from the manager of Capital Public Radio. It is from the manager of the commercial station, KSSJ 94.7, that switched from smooth jazz to rock.

  3. ” the audience for the station can no longer sustain the business of the station”…. How can a person become GM of a public station and not understand that the audience of the station **is** the business of the station ? This is either intentional double-speak or another example of a clueless business type in charge of a publicly funded entity.

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