New! Improved! Economical!

In an Austin Business Journal story, KUT GM Stewart Vanderwilt is quoted as saying the new Belo Center that will house the station “will boast an open and transparent design [unlike station finances, which might as well be CIA funding] intended to engage the community at the street level and inside the studio.” The story noted that KUT has already raised $6 million of the reported $11 million it will have to cough up of the total $50.6 million price tag. Times are indeed tough… “The studio is designed with future growth in mind,” he said. “We feel that we’ll be generating more content on more platforms with creative and editorial collaborations.” Such optimism in the face of declining revenues. Gotta lotta faith in that AAA music and the new Arbitron PPM system coming this summer. As well as in all the business contributors and Leadership Circle members — not to mention the money the station receives from upstream (taxpaper money). Kinda mirrors the communications department’s attitude, cranking out new journalism students by the hundreds in a job market that’s questionable at best, in a field that is dinosaur-like in its prospects. As noted writer Pat Hathcock wrote in his blog, anthropology departments are cranking out graduates despite a 5,000-year supply of anthropologists. Read the biz journal story here.

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