HD Radio Hype Boost

Diymedia.net is the best source for the scoop on HD radio technicalities (link on right). A recent post dealt with the FCC’s approving a power boost for HD radio transmitters, noting: “as predicted, NPR’s technical analysis was used as a foil to both approve the power hike and pooh-pooh any concerns of increased interference from the increase in digital FM power. It provided neutral cover for a questionable technical decision.” It also noted that the FCC decision gave the back of the hand to low-power radio, as well as rewriting the rules about interfering with another station. This is a must-read if you’re thinking of buying an HD radio or if you’re a radio station thinking of buying into the hype. Its conclusion: “The fact that the FCC is so willing to sacrifice the integrity of analog radio for a crippled digital replacement is deeply disturbing.” And it’s a digital replacement controlled by monopoly iBiquity, bosom buddy to NPR…


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