Eh, What?

Say, guvner . . . At the BBC, where HD radio is superior to that offered by monopoly iBiquity (and predates it by five years), suits are re-thinking the whole digital radio scam, preparing to give the ax to stations. In Europe, they use a completely different spectrum than that used by iBiquity. Here, they run right alongside the analog signal, degrading it and interfering with surrounding signals. But HD isn’t doing any better over there (over there).

And the ruddy blighters over there are even knocking the alleged quality of HD stations, to wit: “It appears that DAB in the UK and elsewhere suffers from the same fate as HD Radio in the US: uncertain demand for a digital service, combined with mediocre programming that doesn’t deliver on the promise of better sound quality than analog FM.” To the suits over here in the HD alliance (cartel?) and at NPR, that’s like taking a dump in the queen’s punch bowl. But now we’re hip deep in the big muddy . . . Read it here.

As a member of the Austin Facebook page noted: “I made the mistake of getting HD radio in my new car. It’s incredibly fragile, drops the signals frequently, and (sadly) the added content is usually just an inferior dumping ground for some category of music that the station doesn’t carry on their prime signal.

“On a personal note, I find that KUT3 is much closer to elevator jazz than the quality programming that Ray once provided. I guess they assume that the increased quantity makes up for the lost quality.”

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  1. […] this is indeed a substandard system we’re bankrolling (noted too on Radio Survivor, posted here): Secondly, Alan stated that there is no analog radio anymore, “It’s all digital.” Nothing […]

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