Jeff Boudreau: Moon on Down

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Just returned from the Town Green Coffeehouse in Princeton where Brooks Williams was the feature. His new CD, “Baby O!,” is stellar. Will be officially released this week, RGBM -1001. Of particular note is the song “Moon on Down.” Brooks explained it was inspired while driving home from a gig in Maine, listening to Brendan Hogan on “Blues on WGBH,” who played a track from a field recording from backstage at the 1964 Newport Folk Festival. One of the artists is heard to say “Men write about gamblin’ and cheatin’ and womanizin’ and murder, but women write about anything under the moon because they see it all.”

As I have said before, if there is a silver lining to WGBH management’s decision to kill “Blues on WGBH, it is that Brendan is playing out much more.

Brooks Williams –
Brendan Hogan –

I will be playing “Moon on Down” and two more tracks from “Baby-O” as well as three tracks from Brendan’s latest, “Long Night Coming,” and related songs this coming Tuesday, some time between 5-6pm on Worcester Community Radio WCUW, 91.3fm,

Update from Brendan: “Yes, that’s a great story. From what I remember it was Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee Williamson), and Memphis Slim chatting candidly and playing music together, recorded at length by Alan Lomax in 1948. It wasn’t Newport.”

Always like to get the facts straight.


The take away: How can “single format” NPR talk radio possibly match an artist listening to a blues program late at night be inspired to write a song?


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